Best In Bergen 2018 Readers Choice Awards

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“Good morning, miracle workers!!!
We received 10 offers as of yesterday noon time. Most were over the asking price. We were truly amazed that soooo many buyers loved our house.
There was a bidding frenzy and we signed a contract late yesterday for $40,000 over our asking price. We are so grateful and blessed! We also are soooo grateful and blessed to know you two. We appreciate all you have done to guide us through this project. We could not have done this without you and the many people you referred to us to get this done. You are miracle workers and are our guardian angels!”

Nancy S.

Bergen County

As a real estate attorney, I have closed on hundreds of transactions. Sellers often have inflated views of their home’s value and they do little beyond vacuuming and putting toys away. Staging is a proven method of actually achieving that perceived or more. You can spend a little or a lot but in either case it will return multiples in what you spend for staging. If your home has lingered on the market call Ginny and Bev. You will be doing yourself a favor!

Maurice Rondeau

Real Estate Attorney

Bev and Ginny were incredibly easy and fun to work with. I hired them several months ago to decorate and stage my home so that I could list it.  

First of all, they mostly worked with the furniture I already owned – and made me fall in love with the pieces all over again. Second, the investment I made in new pieces/decor was minimal, but made all the difference in the world. They truly have an amazing design sense! As a result, the listing photos were absolutely gorgeous and it sold in one day – worth EVERY PENNY!  


Yola B.

Bergen County

We can’t thank Bev and Ginny enough! Now that we are finally catching our breath after a whirlwind purchase and sale, we would be remiss not to post about how grateful we were for Bev and Ginny’s help. Like many others, we thought we didn’t need staging. But as we were hoping for a quick sale, my husband and I decided to go for it and we are glad we did. Yes, they were helpful for purposes of quickly selling the house, no doubt – we sold in a week. But even more than that, they helped us keep our cool through an arduous process. We were comfortable going with their advice and guidance and that was critical because it is easy to get decision fatigue when buying and selling a home. Ginny and Bev – thanks so much! You were total pleasures to work with!

Nancy - Elvira Scappaticci

Ridgewood, NJ

We so enjoyed Bev and Ginny working their magic in our home. They brought sophistication, color collections, and special touches all together to add layers of beauty. Thank you ladies! We look forward to working together again soon.

Beth Hays-Stevens

Ridgewood, NJ

Bev and Ginny did an amazing redesign of our home. We weren’t looking to spend a fortune changing everything. Bev and Ginny gave us the best and most cost-effective updates for our home and it looks so much better. They were such a pleasure to work with and I would happily use them again for any home design project!

Patricia Morano Nebbeling

Ridgewood, NJ

“My realtor contacted Timeless Décor to help stage my house to sell. I have had no experience with “staging” and very limited experience with interior designers. I expected some furniture to be moved and some pictures to be removed. Well…my mind was blown away. They walked in and I literally felt like I was in the middle of a TV show. Not only was furniture moved around and pictures removed, they went into my basement where I had furniture and pictures stored from the last 15 years, and utilized them in ways I would never have imagined. They made big enhancements in every room with little details and worked with what I had. My house not only looks amazing, but it actually feels cozier. Honestly, now that I know what they can do, I would have called them in 12 years ago when I moved in to my house. I’ve already given their names to a few friends who aren’t moving but want their house to look better! Ginny and Beverly are super talented and an absolute pleasure to work with!!”

Marni Bernstein

Ramsey, NJ

Selling a house? Just moving in? Or ready to live in a beautiful home…These “girls” are the BEST! You don’t even realize that you need them! They will help you get the job done. No slackers!!! Worth every penny! You WILL be AMAZED!!

Amy Muzilla

Ridgewood, NJ

We can’t thank Timeless Décor Staging & More for their incredible guidance in preparing our house for sale. They transformed our home by providing keen insights as to what buyers today are looking for. Ginny and Bev were a delight to work with and we highly recommend them to anyone interested in either getting their house ready to sell or to redecorate their existing space.

Kevin and Mary Rigby

Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Dear Ginny and Bev,

We want to thank you both for the superb work you did to stage our house for sale. You transformed our house, making it inviting and appealing to young buyers coming into Ridgewood. You both have exquisite taste and instincts and an amazing eye for detail. We really appreciated the referrals you made to contractors and other service professionals. All of them provided the same outstanding service as the two of you. We especially want to thank you for making the staging process easy. When we listed our house, there was great interest right away and we signed a contract with a buyer in the first week. Thank you for making this possible!

Best regards,”


Elliot and MaryJeanette Dee

Ridgewood, NJ

Ginny and Bev were recommended to us when we decided to list our home this spring. With their capable and imaginative assistance we were able to stage and present our home in the most favorable and stylish light. They worked together seamlessly, looking at our living spaces in a new way and recreating the rooms in our home to reflect a clean, contemporary feel. We highly recommend them!!

Karen Anastasia Myers

Ridgewood, NJ

“Our house sold in 11 hours, multiple bids, over asking! So much to say about Virginia and Beverly’s Timeless Décor, Staging and More… Amazing results, wonderful to work with, targeted selections to showcase each room, attention to detail…Compliments from all who enter your home after their work. Meeting up with another client who just sold their home, I was advised by them to, “Let go, listen to Virginia and Beverly, and let them take the reigns in showcasing your home”. I only wish I used their services earlier in getting my house ready for a realtor walk – through. Now I wish I used them years earlier as designers so I could have enjoyed my home  more. They know how to stage your home to bring out it’s best, they’re a pleasure to work with…And they become friends as they work with you. Now it’s fun to look at pristine houses for sale, see their signature piece, and know they have readied another lovely home on the market.”

Diane McNally

Ridgewood, NJ

“Today’s buyers want a very specific, bright and clean appearance to the homes they view. Bev and Ginny are incredible at transforming any room into that look. Most importantly, they can work with any budget. Even though most homeowners understand the financial reward home staging can bring to their sale, some are wary that the initial investment may be more than they can afford. Bev and Ginny are completely client-focused and will help prepare a couple of rooms in a starter home, or an entire estate. They truly understand the process and want to help make a difference.”

Melinda Cronk

Broker Associate and Ridgewood Marketing Specialist, Keller Williams Village Square Realty

Hi Ginny and Bev,

How can I thank you for the wonderful job you did in getting our house
ready for sale. Your staging made our home look fabulous. It sold on
the first day.

Now I am thrilled that you will be helping us with the decoration of our
new apartment. I can’t wait to see you work your magic in making our
apartment into a beautiful, comfortable new home.

Many thanks,

Betty Pappas

Ridgewood, NJ

“Ginny and Bev are like modern-day Elizabeth Montgomerys from the television series “I Dream of Jeannie”…and there are two of them! Each with her own gift and aesthetic, they transformed my home as if by magic—in some cases, simply by rearranging furniture and adding tasteful flourishes. Throughout, they were prompt, courteous, and cost-conscious—a pleasure to work with. If only I could take them with me to my next home!”

Lisa Garrigues

Ridgewood, NJ

I am pleased to recommend Ginny and Bev. I have worked with them for several years and they are extremely reliable, professional and have a great eye. Their great staging and interior design skills have helped several of my real estate listings not only look more desirable, but also sell a lot quicker. I have recommended them to several colleagues, all of whom have been very pleased with the results.

Esther Axelrod

Weichert Realtors

I highly recommend Ginny Flaherty and Beverly Tanis of Timeless Décor to anyone who is selling their home and wants their home to sell for top dollar in the shortest amount of time!!
As a local Ridgewood area realtor, Ginny & Bev have staged a number of my listings quite successfully!!! They know exactly what the current buyers are looking for and do it in the shortest amount of time at the lowest possible cost to the homeowner. They will take a home that would otherwise take forever to sell and ‘stage it’ so that it has the look the buyers want resulting in a much faster sale and money in the seller’s pocket!!!
They are professional, easy to work with and you will wonder why you didn’t have them over sooner so you could enjoy their expertise before selling!!!
Call Ginny and Bev… It will be the best call you make!!!

Barbara Masarky, CRS, GRI, CNE

Tarvin's Ten Million Dollar Sales Club, Broker Associate, Tarvin realtor's, 37 West Ridgewood Ave., NJ

“WOW! Hiring Ginny & Bev to stage my new listing was a treat! Their creativity, efficiency and professional style transformed my client’s home into a welcoming, home with a new flair! They listened to the seller’s ideas and then took it steps beyond. Their close attention to detail coupled with their fast pace allowed the sellers to meet the scheduled marketing time frame. They brought out focal points in the home that had been overlooked. They repositioned furniture and art work to maximize the homes appeal. I would highly recommend them. They are fabulous to work with!”

Ann Malesardi

Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty, 90 County Road, Tenafly NJ

“Savvy home sellers understand that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Bev and Ginny from Timeless Décor know exactly how to make a home stand out from the competition. They can handle any size project, from a brief consultation to a full-scale staging or redesign. The most recent property they staged sold for full price the day it went on the market. Working with them is a cost effective way for sellers to maximize the sale price of the home. Bev and Ginny are my go-to home stagers for all of my listings and my clients always thank me for referring them. They clearly love what they do and are a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Sammataro, Realtor

Ridgewood, New Jersey

“When my husband and I found out we were being relocated my realtor suggested that I call in the gals from Timeless Décor to discuss having my home staged. I must admit I was very reluctant to undergo this process but decided to trust my real estate agent. I was very pleased with the end result. All of my homes beautiful features were enhanced. I was thrilled when we had an offer the first day – above asking price. It was so worth having my home staged by Ginny and Bev. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Sally Finning

130 S Hill Road, Ridgewood, NJ

“Ginny and Bev transformed our house, which we have lived in for 33 years, into a place that attracted the new buyer. We loved the house and they honored the history that we had with our home. Using most of our things, particularly our art work, they added a clean, inviting atmosphere which translated into multiple bids after the first open house and eventually a sale. I appreciate the creative effort they both put in, plus, they are great women to work with!”

Pat Yankus

358 Evergreen Place, Ridgewood, NJ

Ginny and Bev were amazing and fun to work with in staging my house for sale!  After 28 years, I accumulated a lot of stuff which I was emotionally connected to but needed to be removed.  They suggested (sometimes persistently but always respectfully) what needed to be removed (furniture, drapes, rugs, clutter) which turned out to be almost half of everything in the house!  Then they went shopping for certain accessories and brought in others from their inventory.  They also had me go buy certain items so they wouldn’t need to charge for their time shopping. Ginny and Bev transformed the house by rearranging my furniture and decorating with just the right accessories (but not necessarily expensive).  When they were done, I told them that I wanted to make a bid on my own house!  The house sold for the full asking price in 2 days!!!  I highly recommend them for home staging but also to update your home because why wait to make your house look fabulous only when you are ready to sell!!  I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner

Doris Chen

630 Wellington Road, Ridgewood, NJ

“It was a pleasure having Ginny and Bev come to my lake home to stage it for an upcoming Open House. Very quickly they were able to take an ordinary home and transform it into a beautiful place using many of the items already there. They are good listeners and were able to meld their ideas with mine in a way that was professional and respectful. I also enjoyed their sense of humor and enthusiasm for their work. I highly recommend Timeless Décor!”

Beverly Ten Kate

Shadyside, Green Pond, New Jersey

“Ginny and Bev of Timeless Decor did a fantastic job staging my latest listing. Their flair for the use of space, movement of existing furnishings, and additional decor choices, were absolutely perfect. They know exactly what today’s buyers are looking for and are able to make the home look warm and inviting, yet current and elegant. It is so critical to create the right feeling and when marketing a home. Great staging can truly make the difference. We obtained multiple offers and my sellers got substantially over their asking price.  I would highly recommend Timeless Decor to all my clients. Thank you Ginny and Bev!”

Maria Shammus

Realtor Associate, Tarvin's Ten Million Dollar Sales Club, Tarvin Realtor's, Ridgewood, NJ

“My mother is getting ready to move to a smaller home, so we hired Timeless Décor to stage her current townhouse in preparation for listing. Bev and Ginny were amazing – in just one day, they transformed the entire space. They worked room by room, pulling each together, until they updated the entire house. They also used mostly items we already owned. The decorative touches they added made all the difference. They also gave us great advice for little tasks to remember the day of open houses, which was great. In addition to being great designers, Bev & Ginny are extremely professional and hard working. They helped us move a piano! We are thrilled with the outcome; the house looks beautiful and we’re planning to list it this coming week and expect it to sell very quickly!”

2102 Strawberry Lane
Tom’s River, NJ

Ann Dolan

New York City, NY

“Amidst the stress and preparation of readying our house for sale, Ginny and Bev stepped in and immediately began transforming it from an okay look to one that truly shined. They tried as much as possible to use our resources at hand, re-arranging items, hanging paintings in different locations, adding soft touches (flowers, vases, etc) here and there in ways that only those with a flair for interior design can do. They did suggest some significant purchases such as light fixtures but overall tried to work with what we had and, as a result, help keep the costs low. The confidence their work gave us to place our house on the market at a higher price offset the costs involved by a factor of ten and helped us receive an offer within 48-hours of placing it on the market. As well, they were truly a joy to work with, very professional and personable at the same time. Can’t recommend Ginny and Bev highly enough!”

Dan & Asako O’Keefe

174 Mountain Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“It’s always a pleasure teaming up with Ginny and Bev to stage one of my listings. They’re creative, resourceful and dependable. Most importantly, I know they will respect my client’s home, budget and our marketing deadlines.”

Cathy Bossolina, Sales Representative

Tarvin Realtors, Ridgewood, NJ

“We are so happy with our decision to hire Timeless-Décor to stage our home! Ginny and Bev were such a pleasure! With their experienced and objective eye they were able to quickly assess what changes needed to be made and implement them. Our home showed beautifully and sold after the first open house! Their efforts saved us countless hours trying to achieve the same thing with lesser results.”

Katie and Paul Hogan

93 Sherwood Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Dear Ginny and Bev,

I was extremely pleased with the way my house appeared after you staged it for sale with Tarvin Realtors. I have to think the changes you made had a very large part in getting potential buyers in the door. For my house, in particular, that was extremely important. It measures over 3400 square feet, but looks much smaller from the exterior. We had an average of four (4) solid purchase offers for each of the two (2) open houses we conducted. My home was under contract in nine (9) days.

The process has changed substantially since I last sold a house. An Internet search, in most instances, is the first step for a potential buyer. I knew it would be very important for me to select a real estate broker that had a user friendly website, utilizing professional photography and posting a large number of photos of each of their listings. I also knew my house needed to show well in the photographs. In reviewing realtor websites, it soon became clear to me in photographs that patterned rugs, bold colors, heavy window treatments and overly complicated furnishings detracted from the overall effect of a room. Before I selected a realtor, I scheduled an appointment with you. My initial inclination was to only have you concentrate on my living room. It had older furnishings and was painted cranberry red. While not needing as much tweaking, I am so glad I invited you to tell me what you would suggest for the other rooms in the house. Time was of the essence, and with plenty of other things to keep me busy, I was happy to give you free reign to all the rooms.

Each and every room was scrutinized, and much to my amazement a table from one room came to life in another location. The same effect was obtained with the artwork I owned as well as decorative items I had in my possession. Your attention to detail went well beyond decluttering and rearranging bookshelves. I purchased some inexpensive items at your suggestion and removed to storage those that looked dated. You worked magic!

All the best for continued success,”


Ridgewood, NJ

Ginny and Bev were recommended to us in order to help us prepare our home for sale. We gave them a tour of the house during which they took extensive notes. Afterwards, they explained their terms and described with specificity various steps that they recommended including some redecorating (i.e., wall paper removal and painting), rearranging furniture, and acquiring certain additional furnishings either by renting or purchasing. They also prioritized their recommendations. In addition, they strongly suggested that we store quite a bit of our existing furniture and other furnishings that we had acquired over nearly three decades of living in the same house. They were sensitive in explaining that some things that are dear to us would not necessarily be helpful in showing the house. Fortunately we had room in the garage and basement to place those things. In hindsight, it was clear to us that reducing clutter greatly enhanced the appearance of the house.

We worked extensively with Ginny and Bev to accomplish all the necessary steps. They were very diligent and focused, and helped us get the house ready in time for the photographer and eventual showings. The finished product was striking. It photographed well and showed well. We received four bids at our only open house, three of which were over the asking price, and had a contract the next day.

We believe they were very helpful to us during this difficult and emotional process. We recommend them highly.

Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for all your help beautifying my house. We sold it at our first Open House! I wish I’d used you 4 years ago when we bought it!”

Lesley St. Pierre

245 Claremont Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Thanks for doing such a great job in staging my listings. Your understanding of what captures a buyers’ eye and your attention to detail are priceless in the staging process. I wish that all sellers understood the value of staging and the amount that it will bring to the bottom line. A properly priced and staged house will inevitably sell faster and for more money than those that aren’t. Lesley’s house had a bid on Sunday at the first open house. The O’Connor house had a bid at the first open house and another that Monday night. They both had a bid within three days of being available to view.

It is always a true pleasure to work with you both. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

Kelly O’Brien

Tarvin Realtors, 37 West Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Without their wonderful design skills my home would not stand out. Their talent gave me the home that everyone is talking about. They had boundless energy and were so much fun to work with. Thank you so much Ginny and Bev!”

Barbara Gunning

224 South Irving Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Ginny and Bev did a fantastic job staging my listing on South Irving Street. They were detailed and precise and came in with some really great ideas. The transformation was unbelievable. Many realtors and customers have commented how great the home looks.”

Elizabeth Coleman, Licensed Salesperson

Tarvin Realtors, 37 West Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Ginny and Bev did an outstanding job in staging our house for sale. This whole process was brand new to us, and they allayed our fears and concerns. Their sense of taste and style is outstanding. We would heartily recommend them to anyone.”

Chuck and Mary Jane Bainbridge

96 Hopper Avenue, Waldwick, New Jersey

“Ginny and Beverly did a wonderful job of preparing my home for sale. With a keen eye to detail they were able to enhance the appearance of our rooms utilizing items we already possessed. While they purchased a few items, I was impressed at their willingness to lend us some accessories from their own homes. The end result was a crisp and polished look which should appeal to home buyers. My family is enjoying our redecorated home in the meantime.”

Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Again, all of us are so grateful for your warmth and knowledge in staging a home. You are WONDERFUL. My clients are so happy that you were able to incorporate their existing furnishings. Plus, your advice on making a few new purchases made all the difference in showcasing their home to its maximum potential!”

My heartfelt thanks,

Frances Hanson Ekblom, Salesperson

Tarvin Realtors - Tarvin’s 2010 - 2015 Salesperson of the Year, Member of the Tarvin Realtor's Thirty Million Dollar Sales Club, 37 West Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Beverly Tanis and Virginia Flaherty have done a beautiful job in decorating and updating my home. Unexpectedly, a potential buyer wanted to look at the house a few weeks before the house went on the market. Bev and Ginny went into action, strategically going from room to room, using some of my belongings and bringing in their decorating elements as well. The house was transformed in only a few hours. Their thoughtful and cheerful demeanor made it a pleasant experience, and their fee was very reasonable. I would highly recommend their services.”

Carol Rakowski

20 Clinton Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“This letter is to thank and recommend Ginny and Bev for there their recent professional staging of my mother’s home, which contributed to a quick sale in a difficult market. As with many homes owned by older residents, the interior of the house was dated. Ginny and Bev suggested numerous strategic changes and supplied needed accessories to give the home a more updated presentation. The improvements let buyers more readily see the potential of the house and a contract was in place within 10 days.
I very much thank Ginny and Bev for their contributions in making the difficult process of selling a home a little easier.”

Steven Thompson

448 Shelbourne Terrace, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Hi Ginny and Bev,

How can I thank you for the wonderful job you did in getting our house ready for sale. Your staging made our home look fabulous. It sold on the first day.

Now I am thrilled that you will be helping us with the decoration of our new apartment. I can’t wait to see you work your magic in making our apartment into a beautiful, comfortable new home.

Many thanks,

Betty Pappas

Ridgewood, New Jersey


Bev & Ginny of Timeless Décor did a fabulous job of adding the finishing touches on our new office location in Ramsey.  We felt very confident in their creative ability, sense of style, and professionalism from start to finish. They were able to deliver an atmosphere for our clients, associates, and employees that nicely blends comfort and elegance.  We highly recommend them for your next home or office project.


Mark D. Reitsma, CFP®, CMFC

Regency Wealth Management
 Regency Wealth Management 500 North Franklin Turnpike Suite 212
 Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 www.regencywealth.com

“Beverly and Ginny were a pleasure to work with. They approached our late 1800s farmhouse with a sense of style that respected the character and history of the house, but was, at the same time, fresh and new. They retained the best of our existing furniture, and complemented it with well-chosen new pieces and accents. They have helped us create a useable and lovely space that is practical for a busy family and great for entertaining. Their work continues to receive rave reviews from everyone who walks in, from teenagers on up. They completely exceeded our expectations!”

Wayne, New Jersey

Bev and Ginny did an amazing redesign of our home. We weren’t looking to spend a fortune changing everything. Bev and Ginny gave us the best and most cost-effective updates for our home and it looks so much better. They were such a pleasure to work with and I would happily use them again for any home design project.

Patricia Moreno Nebbeling

Wayne, New Jersey

“I consulted with Virginia Flaherty to help design a renovated kitchen and great room. She is absolutely the best decorator I have worked with and, although this was 4 years ago, I continue to receive compliments regarding that area of our home. Ginny took the time to understand our living style and color preferences and was never overbearing in her approach. Instead, she patiently worked through a selection of options, providing guidance and perspective. She has an exceptional eye, makes things as easy as possible and works within a pre-determined budget. I would recommend her to anyone – the results are terrific!”

Linda Bowden, Northern New Jersey Regional President

PNC Financial Services

“Dear Ginny,
It has been a pleasure working with you. You understand exactly how to transform my dreams into reality. I have loved everything you have done to make my house a beautiful home!”

Linda Chenoweth

Wyckoff, New Jersey

“I’m terrible at choosing colors, but choosing Beverly to help with Eastern Christian High School’s renovation project was an easy decision. Her selection of finishes brought everything together transforming a 50 year old gymnasium and locker room into a facility for the 21st Century. I look forward to working with her again.”

David A. Visbeen

Visbeen Construction Co., Inc., Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Hi Ginny and Bev,

“My apartment is my sanctuary.   I would have never thought of placing my older eclectic furniture the way Ginny and Bev did. Their expertise and discerning eyes made it functional, cozy, and warm. I also appreciate them staying within my budget while still finding necessary accent pieces.  Not only does my living space look wonderful, but I truly enjoyed working with Ginny and Bev.  As a team you truly get the best of two great designers.”

Diane Nissen

Condo owner in Tenafly, New Jersey CMA Budget Advisor/Money Coach Rochelle Park & Ridgewood NJ

“The Timeless Décor Ladies, Ginny and Bev, were fantastic with helping us complete a “re-design” of our office in Ridgewood. They were mindful of our budget and helped create a comfortable, attractive and professional setting. I strongly recommend their services as I have no doubt they will do an amazing job for you in your home or office.”

James T. Parks, CFP, AIF, AEP

President and Wealth Advisor, Parks Wealth Management, 216. East Ridgewood Ave. 2nd Floor, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Ginny Flaherty has really made an impact on my life. When I first met her, I was in the process of selling my Wyckoff home. Ginny rearranged some furniture, added some new touches and viola….in a few days my home sold! When I moved in to my townhouse, I again asked Ginny for advice. Her flair for decorating (using many pieces of furniture and accessories I already owned) was just what I needed. She shopped for just the right accents to make my home the warm cozy place it is today. After a housewarming party for my colleagues, three of them also became her clients. I can’t say enough about Ginny’s interior decorating skills…simply put, she’s the best there is!”

Karen Kreckel

“I had the privilege of having Beverly organize and decorate my apartment. I found her to be consistently professional, taking on all tasks with dedication and a smile. She was able to take charge, present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I have received numerous compliments on how fantastic my apartment looks and I know it is a direct result of her plans being implemented.

I would highly recommend Beverly for all your decorating needs.”

Gertrude Cellier

North Haledon, New Jersey

“Our newly renovated showroom needed some finishing touches and a fresh look. Bev and Ginny came in and pulled it all together with a new color scheme that truly enhanced our showroom. They were able to solve some of our design challenges – heating and electrical equipment that could not be moved – by distracting your eye and making them less noticeable. Their attention to all the “little things” is amazing as they uncluttered our displays and accented our plumbing fixtures with style. The cost was far less than we expected and a pleasant surprise to find that their purchases kept our budget in mind.”

Henry's Plumbing and Heating Supply Co., Inc.

1100 Goffle Road Hawthorne, New Jersey

“We just love Beverly Tanis’ selection of colors and decor. Her eye for coordinating wall color with window treatments has made the house we moved into the home we’ve come to love. She chose just the right drapes and the perfect hardware that give each room a unique feel yet perfectly coordinated throughout. In addition to her expertise in decorating, she is a pleasure to work with, hearing our wishes and incorporating them into an overall scheme. She has our strongest possible endorsement as a skilled professional and personable businesswoman.”

Norman & Ruth Brown

Wyckoff, New Jersey

“Ginny Flaherty is a valuable resource when renovating a home. Her insights help one to make good decisions. She is able to visualize the total picture which is reassuring when a project seems overwhelming. Her suggestions are clear, current and in excellent taste. She understands budget and makes it all enjoyable. Thank you, Ginny!”

Linda Sweetman Waters

Ridgewood, New Jersey

“We employed both Beverly and Ginny to help us choose colors for our home and to also help redecorate and update our great room. With Beverly’s keen sense of color and Ginny’s decorating style we were most pleased. We so appreciated their consideration of the use of our room and it’s various needs: at times for family, music teaching, or having recitals. There was no pressure to purchase new items and they positioned furniture and pictures to accommodate our needs and pleasures. We highly recommend their superior expertise. They are prompt, quick, and work together well.”

Frank & Darlene Jackson

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey