Wallpaper and heavy drapes make a space look dated.

This beautiful modern dining room just needed an update with the artwork and lighting fixtures.


Furnishing an empty space gives buyers a better idea of how a room can look.  


An office adds function and value to any home.


Rearranging the furniture, white slipcovers and a neutral paint color makes this living room more current. 


Making a room appear as large as possible is one of the goals of home staging. Lightening up the walls, furniture and art work help achieve this goal.


Defining a space helps buyers visualize how a room can be used. 


Simple touches such as painting this bath room vanity a subtle gray can make a big difference. 


The master bedroom needs to be as inviting as possible.  



A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for a room.


A drum shade chandelier and white slipcovered dining chairs transform this space.

Furniture needs to be the right proportion for a room and properly placed.

The first impression is a critical component when staging a home.  


This family room needed to appeal to the entire family – not just the children.